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Dark Oak Panelled Staircase



Dark Wood Staircase in Country House

The design and installation of this brand new dark oak panelled staircase was a challenging undertaking. The four-flights of stairs were designed for a tight stairwell within an Oxfordshire country house restoration project. We were approached to design the new installation once the space had been created. This meant that the Oak staircase design had to be retrofitted, rather than designing it at the same time as the rest of the space, which is preferable to say the least. The new installation is a dramatic design with detailing inspired by grand 18th century country house staircases. The result is a very dramatic, bespoke staircase that is in keeping with the rest of the country house restoration. The manufacturing and installation of the panelled staircase were the work of the joiners at  Advance Joinery.


Architect designed traditional wooden staircase
Traditional panelled large wooden staircase

Designing a staircase is one of the most challenging parts of building, both mathematically and logistically. It has to be designed so precisely, with the majority of it being made off-site at the joiner’s workshop, that the detailing and working drawings have to be millimetre perfect before any of it gets made. The working drawings shown above for the dark oak panelled staircase are a small window into the many drawings that our technicians and technologist, Scott and Jessica, produce to ensure smooth manufacturing and installation is achieved. And because each of our designs are completely unique for each project, these are drawings that are made from scratch for each individual project. But the resulting oak staircase is very rewarding.


Dark timber bespoke staircase in country house stairwell
Large dark Oak staircase in house hall
Large country house staircase and hall
Large hallway staircase with traditional balustrade

If you have been inspired by the design of this dark oak panelled staircase and wish to work with us to commission your own installation, please get in touch. 


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