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Corten Steel Garden Rose Arch


Rose garden arch trellis design in corten steel

Corten steel garden rose arch. Designed for multiple arches to be set in a row within an Arts and Crafts rose garden. Our studio was asked to design a repeated pattern for the cut-out section of the  steel arch. We designed an intricate and seamless repeated pattern similar to a fabric design to cover the area as a pattern rather than a ‘scene’. This creates a uniform but richly decorated platform for climbing roses to wind their way across the arch. The design incorporates a mass of dog roses, beech branches, bluebells and butterflies.

Corten garden arch repeated pattern with beech leaves and roses

A perforated ring of beech leaves is suspended from a smaller ring of the same design and hung from a heavy iron boss and chain. The slim iron rods that connect the rings together allow the large chandelier to appear delicate and light.

Repeat pattern for rose arch in Arts and Crafts garden
Arts and Crafts garden metal rose arch
Metal trellis design for rose garden
Design for metal garden trellis

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