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Stone Gate Piers


Stone carved scroll with British flowers and Beech leaves

Large ornate gate piers mark the pedestrian entrance into an Arts and Crafts courtyard garden in front of the house. We designed the piers to have a playful lavish nature for a striking entrance.

A pair of octagonal stone piers with engaged Doric columns are to the front and rear faces. The stone used was the tight sandstone that was able to take a detailed carving and allowed for the scabbled field and tooled margin over the faces. The octagonal tops and cornice punch forward over the columns which were difficult to effectively carve but executed very well. The sides of the piers are adorned with square pilasters that are capped with an inverted corbel with a beech leaf moulding and dogrose to its exposed face and intricate bluebell details to the South face. These squared piers allow for the metal arm of the pedestrian gate to be leaded into the masonry to fix it.

Entrance to courtyard garden with ornate metal gate
Dog rose and beech leave stone carving design

Small carved stone corbels adorn the sides of the piers and are a delicate addition to an otherwise masculine design. A rosette of dog roses and leaves are at the base of a beech leaf that sweeps up the inverted scroll. The sides of the corbel are decorated with tiny carved bluebells.

Carved stone scroll with beech leaf and dog roses
Classical Architecture stone gate post
Stone carving with British flowers and leaves
Dog rose and beech leave stone carving design
Design for garden entrance with stone piers

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