Stained Glass Triptych Window


This stained glass triptych window was one of the most complicated, intricate and rewarding pieces of glass art that the very talented stained glass artist Wayne Ricketts in Bristol has made.

Lydia designed a woodland scene that would achieve a striking effect when set in a high up window in a master en-suite bedroom. The brief for the design was to be more of a scenic impression than a specific vista but with a definate emphasis on the surrounding beech woodland to the estate. It was important to the client that the traditional method and craftsmanship of stained glass making was expressed but with a contemporary and Arts and Crafts twist. 

Lydia worked closely with Wayne in Bristol to design in a way that would assist how the window was to be constructed. The window contains hundreds of small individual pieces of glass which were the fiddliest that Wayne had ever used, but the result is magnificent. Months of work went into creating the three stunning windows and the effect it creates is completely unique. We are very much looking forward to designing and working with Wayne again.

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