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Decorative Rainwater Grates


Decorative brass metal plate for garden

It is not until you design a grill for a rainwater drain, an otherwise very standard item, that you realise how these tiny details can transform the mundane elements of a building and are even exciting discoveries for people who take the time to look. Glints of sunlight bounce off the delicate brass squares and matching bespoke brass drainage slots to add a perfect, finished flourish to the Kilkenny paving around the garden.

Brass inlay into stone
Intricate brass metal floor grate inlay

Decorated with a perforated symmetrical design of a central dog rose and rose leaves with interlacing subtle bluebells. A motif that we have used in different elements throughout the Arts and Crafts home and garden.

Intricate brass inlay plate design for garden
Arts and Crafts brass inlay plate

For bespoke designed items call or email Jonathan Lees Architects for an initial consultation.

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