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Stone Carved Cartouche


Carved stone leaves and flowers in a swag

As the central stone feature to a highly ornate classical stone garden folly we let our creativity loose with this design. Combining a full array of beech leaves, bluebells and dog roses, the stone swag cascades over two roundels that ‘hold’ the curtain of foliage and frame the inscription to the building.

The young talented stone mason at A F Jones who carved this piece took our sketches to another level, enriching the details in 3D and carving the piece with precision and adding his own design flair. The depth, shadows and delicacy created in the final piece, which sits about 4m up, are akin to some of the carvings that master craftsmen have created in the past that we so admire. This is testament and proof of the emerging talent in the trade.

Carved stone swag with leaves and flowers
Garden Folly Cartouche Pencil Drawing

Each stone detail was carved by hand in the stone mason’s yard taking weeks of concentration and skill.

Stone carving of leaves and flowers
Intricate stone carving by mason in workshop
Classical garden building with ornate stone carving
Stone mason working from Architect drawings

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