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Arts and Crafts Garden Fountain


Classical stone arched fountain and pool

This pond is a simple but enjoyable feature of a stone apse ‘sunburst’ with voussoir stones radiating from the back of an arch in a single piece stone to voussoirs on the face of the arch. A carved lion’s head has a spout through the mouth which creates a fountain trickling softly into the water below. The pool is created with a semi-circular ring of honed Irish Blue Kilkenny Limestone surrounded by flame-textured stone of the same variety, with the pool sides and base also in honed black Irish Blue Kilkenny, providing a depth that resembles that of a well. The front wall of the feature is crowned with a simple stone capping detail, that sweeps down either side to join the low dwarf walls framing the flower beds in front and retaining the raised path behind.

Arts and Crafts garden pond and fountain

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